1.In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Please watch this video which I have put together. It answers this evaluation question by using a vlog, an edit of the original music video for ‘Some Nights’ which I did when researching traits of the genre, examples from real media products and clips of my video.


My media video..

Uses the following conventions

  • Editing to the beat
  • Acknowledgment of Instruments that the band play
  • Performance Shots
  • Youth of society doing crazy/spontaneous things
  • Aspirational lifestyle of indie rock musicians
  • Interesting shots  – eg.reflections on the walls in the tunnel shot
  • Using 5 sections/locations

Develops the following conventions

  • Close up of lead band member singing

–          By getting both the lead singer and the main character of the narrative to lip sync

  • Limited Colour Scheme

–          By exaggerating the colour scheme not only in costume but in effects such as colour pass, extract and red hue as well as using red lighting

Challenges the following conventions

  • The use of a  setting in a different  time or era

–          By instead creating  a timeless section using a stylized extract effect and a beach location which is at odds to the rest of the locations used in the video. This leaves it up for interpretation.

  • Vocalist in more than 1 location

–          By using both a lead singer and an actor in separate settings

  • Quirky Clothing

–          I instead asked the band to simply dress in black tie to make them look overly formal and suit the colour scheme

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Please watch this stop motion video that I have created to answer this question.


My main product and ancillary texts are effective because they all complement each other very well.

They do this in many ways…

  • Limited colour scheme – black, white and red
  • Fonts – they all have the same font, even the music video. This joins them as a package even down to the fine detail
  • Compositions – I used the same compositions of the framing in the protest boards in the video as I did for some of the digipak panels
  • Image – I used the same images in all three products but added interesting, arty twists to them for the ancillary tasks
  • Roughly painted look – Used in the protest stop motion and in panels of Digipak and largely in the advert
  • Inspiration of Barbara Kruger – is intertwined clearly across all 3 products

3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?

I aimed to narrow down my audience feedback and try and look at the responses of those that are near to or from my target indie audience. However it was good to recieve general feedback as all my peers have watched a vast amount of music videos and therefore will find it easy to compare to a professional production.

The following video is of art students commenting on my video. I decided to ask them because they have a good perception of image and are also closest to falling under the indie audience category.

I shared a link to my video on my Facebook page for others to see. I asked for feedback particularly from my friends who I believe are among the ‘Indie’ target audience. These people were able to comment on my post and some even share the video on their wall from which it would be shared further by their friends. I was pleased to find that my video was well received on Facebook.

facebook feedback 2

From my audience feedback I learnt:


  • the colour pass effect caught people’s attention
  • the colour scheme in general seemed to be a point that a  lot of the audience remembered which is good because they could then recognize the advert and ultimately the digipak
  • the stop motion was an aspect which went down well especially the one I created on ArtRage – this is good as I have appealed and hopefully inspired the arty members of my audience
  • the band scenes in the studio were acknowledged as a positive and I am happy about this as people seemed to be associating these with other indie rock music videos of real media products
  • the locations


  • the lip syncing is sometimes out and therefore breaks the look of professionalism
  • the final shot of the main character picking up his protest boards to leave seems a bit awkward because he struggles slightly to get the board under his arm

I also looked at the statistics of my videos viiews on youtube and learnt that the majority of my viewers have found the video through facebook and wathed it on apps on their phones.

youtue stats

4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

To answer this question I have created a Wix site – please click on the link.




Complete Ancillary Tasks

Here is my complete Digipak. I have printed it out and folded it to test the spines and see if the layout is appropriate. The CD slips into the panel with the red tab on it.


Here is my final complete advert for Some Nights album by FUN. As you can see I have made a few changes since my last progress update and have decided to use the same graphic as the front panel of the digipak. This was because if a potential buyer saw the advert I thought it was important that they could then identify the digipak at first glance. However I have still used a version of the photograph I originally intended to use as well except I have re-created it to look as though it has been painted onto a red background using Art Rage software and my graphics tablet. I have also incleded a scan code and FUN.’s website address as well as the statment ‘Available on iTunes now’ because I acknowledged that the majority of my target audience will probably download the album.

Some Nights Advert

Using Graphics Tablet for Digipak & Advert Designs


I decided that in my Digipak and advert designs I should reference the section in the video when I created stop motion using Art Rage & my graphics tablet. This is because I believe it would attract an artistic indie audience more than just a photograph. However I did work from the images that I was going to use previously but just created them myself using the same oil paintbrushes on the programme as I did to create the stop motion.

Art Rage screen shot 1Painted Beach Scene


I decided to use a red background behind the painting to make it look more stylized and bold. This way it fits directly into the limited colour scheme.

Art Rage Screen Shot 2barbara kruger hand


I left the red square blank so that I can insert the correct font in Photoshop. I decided to repplace the fromnt panel image with a painted one as this will be the image that most people will connect with the album and I therefore wanted to make it unique and memorable. It still references Barbara Kruger’s work through the composition and colours however I have put my own twist on it by painting it.


Advert Progress

I thought I would post an update on the progress of creating my advert. I have used the photograph which is the back panel of the digipak in order to keep the synergy The frame of red is again influenced by Barbara Kruger and I believe makes the poster look bold. I also added the necessary text in the same way that I added the tracklist to the back of the digipak. However, I am currently worried that it also looks a bit too simplistic.

Iss1 ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4 ss5

Creating the back panel of the Digipak

I began by taking a screenshot of the image I wanted to use for the back panel. The reason I took it from the video was because it allowed me to have the same effect on it as in the video. I thought this was important as it creates strong synergy across the whole package. I liked this shot because you cannot see the face so you are able to interpret the motion of the shot for yourself. I liked the perspective from the shot too.


I knew I wanted to do the tracklist in the smae style as the writing is applied to this piece of Barbara Kruger’s work. I liked the imperfect, thrown-together look created by the skewed rectangles which are placed at weird angles.


I re-created this by creating layers on top of the photograph and then using free-transform to skew, scale and rotate the rectangles. I had to consider the length of the title of each track when creating each rectangle. This was because I wanted all the track names to be the same font size so  as not to emphasize on more than another. Therefore it needed to be the rectangles that were made to fit the text, not the other way round.


I made the decision to use the same font throughout the digipak but just alternate the colour of it.


Working Simultaneously

I have decided to work on my Digipak and poster pretty simultaneously so that I make sure I use the same editing techniques and effects on both. This is so that I make sure I keep the Synergy running throughout the two.

This is a preview of the front cover of the Digipak as used earlier in the music video – I prepared this panel of the Digipak during filming time so that I could stretch the synergy across to the music video too as I learnt this was very important. I used what is going to be the front panel of the Digipak to stick on the drums of the band in concert.

Barbara Kruger Fun Edit

Album Advert – Task 3 – How important is the Print Advert?

I have created an Animoto to explain how important the print advert is when promoting an album.


Animoto shot 1

I have come to the conclusion that the Poster is VERY important because…

  • It is quite likely to be the first place an audience member is going to see the look of the advertising campaign
  • It will therefore introduce the audience member to the overall synergy and they will therefore be able to easily recognise the music video and the album
  • It informs the audience member of vital information such as the Title and the Release date making it easier for them to find and purchase the album
  • It opens the album release up to a wider market – the more people who see the advert, the more people are aware and made interested in the album, the more people will turn out to purchase the album

Digipak Task 6. CD Sales

I investigated the sales of music in Compact-Disk (CD) format over the past 5 years and discovered that there have been some great changes…

How are bands coping with this impact of piracy?

Most major label contracts only pay a small fraction of each CD sold to the artist anyway (roughly 10% of the retail price) causing this decrease in sales to be even more devastating. So unless the artist sells millions of CDs, they’re not going to make much. So artists now make most of their money from concerts and for these the artist keeps most of the money. Therefore when looking for up and coming bands labels are not only looking for talented musicians but also outstanding performers.

On average bands keep 74% of the ticket price, but this figure can go up to 90% in some cases. This is good for them as touring is no easy task.

Digipak Task 2. Exploration of Fonts

-I completed this task early so that I could use the font in the music video-

I already know that I want the font I use to be fairly simple – not overly detailed with curly bits etc – because I want it to fit in with the style of Barbara Kruger’s work which is influencing the look of my video and digipack. I have acknowledged from the advertising and synergy of The White Stripes that simple is effective. I explored Adobe and Office word fonts for a simple bold font with a slight quirky edge.

Digipak Task 1.

I investogated thoroughly into how musicians promote themselves, looking at how the text and image contributes to the branding of the artist. I realized that the most successful and memorable of brandings have a strong synergy which links all aspects of promotion together.

I was particularly attracted to look further into the way the band ‘The White Stripes’ promote themselves because they have a strong theme of black white and red which is the limited colour scheme which I had decided to use for my branding. I have decided this because it links strongly with the Barbra Kruger artwork that I am referencing in my video.

I was immediately aware of how thorough and complete this synergy is when I typed ‘The White Stripes’ into Google Images the image below is what I was faced with – Every image matched each othe due to the colour scheme but also the use of stripes.

The White Stripes Image Search

This synergy continues into their videos aswell. I aspire to achieve this extent of synergy in my work. The use of strong geometric shapes and bold lines in black white and red is obvious. They have taken the synergy into consideration when choosing their outfits and instruments. Even their hair is black and fits in.

The font they use is simple but striking – much like the shapes in the video and advertising. Even the idea of the video is simple. I think it represents a very artistic and bold image. The video – much like some of the images used on their website – are almost optical illusions. There website is quite dark colour wise – much like the feel their video has with a lot of low key lighting. Both these aspects I believe portrays some mystery to the band. They are quirky and I think it is this that the audience will appreciate.

Jack White, 2005. Marian Paterson recalls: "We bought this cape and top hat to Paris for the shoot. Jack loved them and wore them on stage that night." Pic: Dean Chalkley This is a photograph I found which has been taken of the singer of The White Stripes for NME. This photograph follows the colour scheme of the bands branding but also continues the portrayal of a quirky, mysterious band member. The use of the cape establishes this. I think this intrigues the indie audience as they may also want to come across quirky, individual and mysterious in this way.

Jack White, 2005. Marian Paterson recalls: "We bought this cape and top hat to Paris for the shoot. Jack loved them and wore them on stage that night." Pic: Dean Chalkley This is from another photoshoot that the band have done to promote them and their music. You can see it also continues the colour scheme and uses the optical illusion image ( that is on their website ) on their drumkit aswell so it appears to be their trademark. I think this photo also wants to represent a bit of their indie band life style, with cables lying about and only a section of the wall behind them painted white. It is deliberate imperfection.

Jack White, 2005. Marian Paterson recalls: "We bought this cape and top hat to Paris for the shoot. Jack loved them and wore them on stage that night." Pic: Dean Chalkley This is an image of the singer of ‘The White Stripes’ performing on stage and you can see that the branding and synergy of the band has stretched to the look of their performances aswell.

Editing ‘Extract’ Effect

Changing Extract Effect

I chose to use the ‘extract’ effect on the beach scene to make it seem surreal and to distant it from the rest. I knew I wanted it to be black and white as the rest of the non-band shots are in black and white too to distinguish them from the ‘real footage’ of the band. I turned the softness up from the regularly extract settings and then adjusted the black and white input depending on the shot. The above image shows a shot which I needed to adjust because in its current state it appears that the characters face is glowing.

Adaptions that I need to make to the Rough Edit..

I got some feed back from others about my rough edit and have come up with a few points that I need to adjust.

Lip syncing is out with Harry and Alex.

The glowing effect at the beach with Harry just needs to be brought down a few stops.

At 2:09 mins the shot of harry sitting down is really long and clearly slowed down

At 2:30 when the ‘Oh come on’ happens then more ‘Oh come on’ all over lap. Harry doesn’t sing with it. Maybe find a shot of a completely different bit to just put in brefly. Then go back to Harry not singing. it wont look as odd when he isn’t singing along.

This is war banner through underpass too long at 2.35 and feet aren’t in sync with the beat.

A better final shot of harry should be put in. The one where he picks up the signs and walks out is very jerky and has a bit of a random zoom.

23. Planning Re-shoots

I am planning to re-shoot some of the shots in the performance scene for a number of reasons.

Filming 2 filming 3

  • I left one of the lights upstage centre so it ruins the composition and also looks like it is not working as I tried to use it for a flash effect
  • I need to ensure that the band have learnt the song more thoroughly
  • I then need them to not just act as though they were performing to an audience but instead exaggerate all their movements so it is clear that they are in time with the music
  • Finally I need the shots to be more energetic – bouncing and jumping of singer , nodding of heads etc

However I class this first shoot as being very valuable as I have learnt a lot from it. I liked the overall look I created as I believe it did give that indie impression and I have decided that the colour scheme and outfits were fitting also.

Next shoot – I need to get more close ups of the band members. Unfortunately I do not believe I will be able to gather all the cast together after the holidays however with careful time management I believe I can still work around this.

Preparing for shoot of Performance

I have received permission to use the tennant room originally as that is most convenient as there are the instruments there and ready.


However I then realised that this would mean that the guys were performing on carpet without a plain background and so I sought permission to use the chapel because I would then have a lighting desk with front lights programmed. This would allow me to create the atmosphere of a performance and light them apropriately.

I decided to use the 900W Studio Lights in the background behind the band and added red gels to create a performance atmosphere.

I also prepared a verion of the band logo to stick on the front of the drum kit. I took a famous piece of Barbara Kruger’s work that comments on consumerism. And changed the text to FUN.

     Barbara Kruger Fun Edit

I did this because the piece of art will be easily recognised even if the writing is changed therefore I am implying that the band have the same feelings as Kruger or are at least trying to make a statement in the same way she is.

Kruger’s work looks like propaganda but with the twist of it often being against those in power rather than created by those in power.

I got the guys to all wear black and white suits to stay with the synergy of black white and red (as in the logo) and some with the added touch of a bow tie. I believe this contrast of very formal dress with quite an informal band set up conveys a very indie look.

Referencing Barbara Kruger In My Work

Barbara Kruger  2



Barbara Kruger is an artist whose work is primarily concerned with issues of feminism, consumerism, and power. She began her career in the 1960s as a graphic designer and photographic editor for Mademoiselle magazine. The influence of commercial art is evident throughout her work. Initially, Kruger worked with textiles during the late 1960s and early ’70s, when feminist art was reclaiming the aesthetics and politics associated with handcrafts. Later, she combined her own photographs with original text and this process led to her signature style, one that incorporates found imagery with politicized slogans. These works masterfully employ the look and feel of propaganda, while subverting propaganda’s traditional alliance with the cultural elite and powerful. Kruger’s sloganeering confronts and questions the dominant culture.

21. Beginning the stop motion

I have started creating the stop motion of the painting of four figures marching using large white pieces of paper. I first took photos of them appearing on the page as I painted them and then used new pieces of paper to move the figures. This will be used as an overlay on top of Location 4. I have tried to keep it in the same style as the way the signs will be painted so that it references the stop motion which I plan to use at the beginning of the music video.

20. Collection of Props + Costume

Location 1

  • Photograph of Poppy
  • Boards
  • Paint + Brushes
  • Bag
  • Big Jacket (Harry’s Own)

Location 2

  • The Same Big Jacket 

  • Skinny or coloured jeans
  • Boots

Location 3

  • Microphone
  • Microphone Stand
  • Drum kit
  • Piano
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Earphones
  • Amplifier
  • Mixing Desk
  • Paper and Pens

Location 4

  • Protest Boards
  • Jackets

Location 5

  • Microphone
  • Microphone Stands
  • Drum kit
  • Piano
  • Electric Guitar
  • Lights
  • Black background cloth

Many of the props I have checked are already in the locations.

19. Casting My Music Video

The Band

When casting the band I made my decisions based on whether they could play the instruments I required them to as well as how confident the look when performing.

Singer – Ian Parker   Guitarist – Louie Chadwick

Pianist – Innes Green

Drums – George Joyce

The Protesting Group

When Casting this group I was particularly looking for actors who look good and confident together as a group.

Leader – Harry Wallace

Group – Sam Reid, Alex Thomas + Calum Armstrong

The Girl

Poppy Main – I chose poppy to act the girl/love interest in the music video primarily because she is beautiful and a confident actress but also because she does have quite an indie style and will have her own outfit (dress) for filming.

Shooting Plan

Who Is Needed When?

Location 1 – In Room: Leader (With Photo of Girl) (Time Does Not Matter)

Location 2 – The Beach: Leader + Girl (Daylight)

Location 3 – Recording Studio: All of Band (Daylight or Getting Dark Outside)

Location 4 – Protest: Elgin – Protest Group   School – Protest Group+Extras+Band (All Through Day)

Location 5 – Performance: Band (Dark Outside)

When Am I Filming?

Sunday: Stop Motion for location 1 + 4

Possible Filming Times (Depending On Cast + Availability Of Location)

  • Tuesday 4th Dec – 3.30 until 6 – Recording Studio?
  • Wednesday 5th Dec – Period 3+4 / 8.45 until 9.45 – Performance?
  • Thursday 6th Dec – 3.30 until 5 / 8.45 until 9.45 – Performance?
  • Saturday 8th Dec – Period 1+2
  • Sunday 9th Dec – 1.30 until 5 – Protest in Elgin  / 6.30 until 8
  • Monday 10th Dec – Period 2+4
  • Tuesday 11th Dec – Period 1+2 / 3.30 until 5 – Recording Studio?
  • Wednesday 12th Dec – Period 3+4

In Room and The Beach shoots are down to available times of the actor + actress


18. Planning Locations

I knew I wanted an alleyway or directional straight pathway type scene for the protest so I aearched around my local town – Elgin for appropriate locations and found this pathway / tunnel which I think would be particularly effective in the video as I like the underground contained feel to it. I creates a frame for the shot.

Conisdering Characters & Casting

In my music video I have to cast the four band members and to do this I am going to be taking into account whether they can play the instruments I am askng them to – this is important as they need to look in time with the music just like the lip syncing. This band would then be in the recording studio shots aswell however for the other 3 locations I have to make the decision whether to use the band members and get them to act in the storyline or cast different people for the characters of the protest participants.

Foo Fighters is a good example of a band who also act out a plot in their music videos playing different characters.

However I have to consider whether the people who I have selected because they can play the instruments and act like a band are confident enough to also act out the other scenarios and I have to take into account how much of their time that I am asking for. By seperating the video into two – bands scenes and character scenes – I am halfing the ammount of time that I am asking from my actors. It also allows me to select actors who suit the characters I am looking for and are confident with acting for the camera.

If I were to split the video like this would it look weird if the characters who are not band members were lip syncing in their scenes? I thought about this and searched for music videos that did this. I found Ed Shearans video for Lego House made this acceptable by using the clever twist at the end – you think Rupert Grint is acting as Ed Shearan for the video eg. walking down corridor about to go on stage, writing song lyrics in notebook etc. However you realize in the end that he is a stalker who has an unhealthily obsession. Ed Shearan only starred in the video at the very end.

I think I would make it acceptable for my characters to lip sync by selecting relevant lines which make sense with their story and situation at the time. I have also taken inspiration from Ed Shearan’s video in the use of the artist coming into the narrative at the end and I think that I should get the band members I have cast to be the actors who join the protest at the very end.

I decided that this is what I would do – split it into two casts but then have the band cross over into the narrative at the very end as a resolve.

17. Shot List

Location 1 – In Room Prepping Protest Signs

No. Shot Type Shot Movement Details
1 E. Close Up Stop Motion Protagonist’s hand painting sign
2 Long Shot Tilt up Protagonist sitting on floor with paint and signs around him
3 E. Close Up Slow zoom out Protagonist lip syncing ‘Some nights, I wish that my lips could build a castle’
4 Long Shot Tilt down Protagonist sitting on floor with paint and signs around him
5 Close Up Tilt up Protagonist looking up lip syncing ‘Im still not sure what I stand for oh
6 Mid Shot Pan Right Protagonist holding up sign to his left (our right) to examine what he has done so far
7 Close up Pan Right Slowly Protagonist singing ‘oh woah oh’ not looking into camera
8 Long shot Arc Protagonist board to post singing ‘I was never one to believe the hype’
9 E. Close Up Stop Motion ‘Save that for the black and white
10 E. Close Up Zoom out Graphic Match painting of protest group
11 Mid Shot Pan Protagonist turns to look at photo of girl pinned to wall
12 E. Close Up Zoom In (cont. of 11) Photo of girl on wall
13 Mid Shot Tilt up Protagonist moving head to left and lifting chin lip syncing ‘Oh Lord, Im’
14 E. Close Up Zoom in slow Hand smearing paint across board
15 E. Close Up Stop Motion Painting/Writing on board ‘OH COME ON!’
16 E. Close Up Stop Motion Painting of group marching black on board
17 Long Shot Pan towards door slow Protagonist gathering boards together packing things into bad – possibly photo
18 Long Shot Zoom out slow. Freeze Protagonist leaving out the door to begin protest
19 E. Close Up Stop Motion Graphic match of frozen image above drawn on sign


Location 2 – Landscape Shots On Beach

1 Long Shot Slow motion/realtime Protagonist standing facing away looks up at sunrise
2 Mid Shot Zoom out Protagonist looking up to sunrise
3 E. Close Up Pan Towards Body Fist Clenches
4 Long Shot Zoom In Protagonist standing Lip Syncing looking into camera ‘And that’s alright’
5 Long Shot Slow motion Protagonist running away from camera
6 Mid shot Slow Motion Protagonist turning away from camera
7 Long shot Slow Zoom In Girl (from photo) Standing with back to us and the turns head to look over shoulder
8 Mid – long Zoom out Protagonist looking into camera
9 Mid – long Zoom out Girl looking into camera
10 Long Shot Tilt Down Protagonist falls to his knees
11 Long Shot Arc Protagonist on knees in the sand
12 Abstract Shot Slow motion/realtime ‘They sound like this one’
13 Long Shot Pan Towards Sea Protagonist running towards camera
14 E. Close Up Zoom Out Protagonist and girl holding hands
15 Long Shot Zoom Out Slow Protagonist and girl holding hands facing each other but stepping backwards away from one another


Location 3 – Recording Studio

1 Close Up Pan – Fast Motion Following cable to where band member is plugging it into amp
2 Close Up Pan Tuning Guitar
3 Close Up Tilt down Slow Singer recording song ‘She stops my bones from wondering just who I am, who I am, who I am
4 Long shot Pan Band in recording studio singing along, writing etc..
5 Close Up Pan Band member standing over desk listening through earphones
6 Close Up Tilt down Singer ‘Some nights, I always win, I always win..’
7 Close Up Pan Singer ‘Come On’
8 Mid shot Pan Band Members singing/laughing in recording studio ‘Oh Come on’
9 Close up Pan Singer getting emotional ‘Oh Come On’
10 Close Up Arc Singer ‘The other night you wouldn’t believe’
11 E Close Up Zoom Out Slow Scrunching up of paper and bringing levels down on sound desk
12 Long Shot Zoom Into Mic Singer turning and walking away from mic


Location 4 – Protest

1 Long Shot Zoom In Slow Group gathering protagonist in centre passing out signs
2 Close Up Pan to right slow Group member looking straight into camera. Hand coming in from right wiping paint onto cheeks

Then shouts looking around ‘What Are We Waiting For’  – slow motion realtime if poss

3 Low angle shot Pan Fists and signs pumping in air
4 Long shot Zoom In, Slow motion Group argument shaking each other shouting – others trying to separate them
5 Mid shot Pan Group standing together in line looking down then looking up straight past camera
6 Long Shot Contra zoom Group start marching – towards camera
7 Mid shot Pan Profile of group marching and chanting
8 Abstract Shots Slow motion Group marching
9 Close Up Zoom Out Feet Turning an running
10 Long Shot Pan, Slow motion Profile shots of Group getting attacked by group running the other way
11 Abstract Shots Dutch Tilt Signs getting torn down. Group members getting knocked over or dragged away
12 Close Up Dutch Tilt Protagonist looking desperate shouting ‘Come On’
13 Long Shot Still Protagonist marching alone rugged + torn
14 Long Shot Still Matching above but with group behind
15 Long shot Still Protagonist in front of wall with chalk stop motion drawings behind it (possible shot)
16 Longs Shot Zoom Out Slow Protagonist joined by group bringing more people


Location 5 – Performance

1 Close Up Snap Tilt Up Singer grabs microphone sings ‘Well!’
2 Low Angle Arc Singer ‘I wish that this all would end’
3 Close up Zoom out Guitarist ‘Cause I could use some friends for a change’
4 Close Up Pan Singer ‘And some nights Im scared you’ll forget me again’ to Bass Guitarist
5 Close Up Pan Singer ‘Im still not sure what I stand for, oh’
6 Long Shot Zoom Out Slow Band ‘they sound like this one, so come on’
7 Long Shot Pan Band ‘Oh Whoa Oh Oh’
8 Low Angle Arc Singer ‘I called you up but we’d both agree’
9 Long Shot Zoom Out Band on stage just standing still


13. Key Elements Check List

1. Interesting Costume which attracts and hopefully inspires an Indie audience. In some shots it should be an outfit that an audience member can aspire to recreate and in another it should look as if it is of a different era. For example…

I went to the V&A Theatre and Performance exhibition and saw a jacket which was one of a series worn by Chris Martin, the singer with the British band Coldplay, during the period of their 2008 album Viva La Vida world tours. The album’s theme was of revolution with the cover art featuring the painting La Liberté Guidant le Peuple (Liberty Leading the People) by Eugéne Delacroix. The band worked with Sara Jowett and Stella McCartney to design a ‘uniform’ that they would wear for the entirety of the album’s promotional and touring period.

2.It must have a narrative whether it is strong and clear or a vague thread through the video. This narrative must relate in some way to the lyrics of the song.

3.The Editing must be to the beat and compliment the music. This is essential because otherwise the video will feel very detached from the song. I have notices that interesting forms of editing are very popular for Indie Rock music videos. For example slow motion/real time effect or stop motion.



4.Indie Rock music videos often show clips of aspirational lifestyles. This lifestyle is often that of the bands showing a representation of how they work and live. This often includes their nightlife, but may just focus on how they make their music.

5.There must be performance shots of the lead singer if not the rest of the band performing the song. This is often done in at least 2 locations in the one music video one of which will have an audience and show the bands interaction with the audience. These performance shots will include close ups of the singers face and sometimes the band’s instruments.

6.The cinematography must be eye catching and I must find interesting and some almost abstract angles to film from. An example of this would be the shots in Wretch 32 ‘Don’t Go’ when you can see the reflections in the puddles.

12. Hammer & Tongs Institution Research

When researching Institutions that might produce my music video I had to research the producers of music videos that I have been inspired by. Aswell as being a company who has past clients from the same genre as Fun. which is Indie Rock.

I found Hammer & Tongs through looking at Vampire weekend music videos.

I understand that Hammer & Tongs are quite well and have managed to create many videos which recieve millions of hits on youtube. This opens my music video out to quite a wide audience eventually however I hope that the Indie audience that I am targetting will come across the video long before the mass audience.


I have decided to investigate into how OK Go became so popular for their music videos and what institutions exhibited the videos in order for them to be found by the public.

The video for the song ‘Here It Goes Again’ is what I first knew the band for and yes, I believe I was attracted to the video before the song. It started off on Youtube and has since been viewed over 60 million times. Youtube is a typical institution for low budget bands to first showcase their music videos. And this is most obviously because it is free but also because it is a site that opens you to a worldwide audience of people who are searching for new exciting things on there all the time. This is a particularly good case study for this project as OK Go are an Indie band so therefore are trying to appeal to the same audience as I am when creating a video for Some Nights by FUN. From my previous research I have learnt that this audience are particularly attracted to things that are not like the norm and Youtube is a site that they will use to search for such things. They like to be well ahead of the game. It is also evident that a lot of Indie music videos are fairly low budget and there Youtube is a likely place for them to start. Youtube is also ideal for sharing videos and if an indie audience member finds a video that they like on Youtube it is very easy for them to attract others to the video by posting a link to it on their social network website.

11. Audience Research

I researched what kind of people would listen to Indie Rock and after browsing the internet in depth as well as reflecting on people I know and their music tastes I built a clear idea in my head of who the target audience for this genre would be.

They are a group that uktribes.com categorized as ‘Indie Scenesters’.

Indie scenesters always want to be ahead of the game especially in their taste of music and fashion. However they still can’t quite shake off the skinny jeans.

‘Scenesters don’t mind bands achieving mainstream success, but prefer them before the masses cotton on’ -UkTribes

‘Scenesters are festival goers – if they can blag it. The real action, though, is in small, sweaty, adrenalised clubs. Scenesters are more bothered about iPods and drinking than phones or conscious materialism. Online communities such as those found on drownedinsound.com are important as they allow visitors to discuss, diss or discover the latest cool bands’ -UkTribes

This audience use technology to consume the music eg. mp3 players, iPods and iPhones however they also like to buy music in physical format ie. CDs from music outlets such as HMV.

I also used a website called tastekid.com told them that I liked the band FUN. They then made reccomendations of other music, movies, tv programmes and books that someone who likes this band is also likely to enjoy.

The results



Tv Programmes



10. Audience Research

I approached my friends and classmates with questions which would give me a bit more knowledge of the expectations people have of music videos and how this may influence their choice of music. Can a music video change your opinion of a song? What can put you off a music video?

These are some of the responses that I got…

– ”A music video can make you buy a song, for you to then realize you don’t actually like the song you just like the video
but yes the video does effect the song”

–  ”I like to see a video that thinks outside the box, something very different from anything else”

– ”I dont like it in music videos where they have props just for sake of having them. e.g. a black rapper sat on the bonnet of a lamborgini just because it’s a lamborgini
has nothing to do with the song”
– ”I like it when they are really dancy and flashy and bright colours”
– ”I don’t like it when a music video has a story in the back ground that doesn’t match what I thought the story was just from listening to the lyrics of the song”
– ”What I like in a music video is lots of hot people with really good bodies and good dancing”
– ”I like really interesting and creative music videos which are original and don’t necessarily have an obvious plot to them.”
– ”If a music video is fun and exciting then it will definitely make me want to listen to the music.”
– ”I like music videos that are trying to get a message across”
From this range of responses I realized how much of an impact a music video can actually have on your perception of a song and also how you  interpret the lyrics. If people have listened to a song a few times before they see the music video the video may then throw them off the song as it may contrast the way in which they have interpreted the song. However this may receive the opposite reaction and result in the audience member admiring the song even more because of it’s multiple depths and exciting portrayal in the video. I have discovered that it is a lot down to the audiences taste and how open they are to accepting a way of portraying the song which challenges how they had interpreted it. I believe that in this area I am lucky as I think that  the target audience for an Indie Rock song are always searching for new ideas, looks and images. They are not scared to reach out in a unconventional direction.
(there is a video to come with this post)

8. Key Screen Shots

I chose 9 key screen shots from the music video of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster The People because it is of the same genre as my selected track – Indie Rock.

  1. The first shot in this shot grid is towards the beginning of the video and shows the sun coming up behind the band in a location that we keep coming back to throughout the video. It appears to be where they are shooting a video due to the track lines and in a later shot we see a dolly behind them. But these shots focus on them waiting or playfully messing around in between what we presume are video shoots. This music video is based dominantly on showing the aspirational lifestyle of the band and this shot shows the early start of a working day however we get the impression that they really enjoy this day from the shots that we see and this shot in particular is echoed at towards the end of the video showing sunset but with the added feature of one of the silhouettes of a band member dancing. Again re-enforcing the playful and light-hearted nature of the band.
  2. This is a very quick shot which modestly hints on the attention that the band get from girls – adding to the aspirational lifestyle. We see one of the band members smiling and then a girl taking his shoulder and turning him to face her which is away from the camera. I find that this is cleverly done as the smile is very attractive and then the fact he then turns away to girl makes the female audience wish to be the girl and the male audience aspire to get that same attention from girls. The fact that his face is barely lit and it is a very quick shot show that it is not an aspect of their life that they wish to dwell on in this video however it is a very effective hint of it.
  3. This third shot in the grid show one of the band members focusing hard on what looks like recording a song. It demonstrates the talent that the band do have and the way in which they have worked to get to where they are. I find that this shot is a nice input of seriousness within the video full of shots showing how much fun the guys have as a band. I believe the slight green hue over this shots enforces this serenity and focus.
  4. The shots of the band in a recording studio is another thread through the music video as it must be a very important aspect of their career. There is a slightly warm red/orange colour hue to this shot but also a strong high key light from the lights of the room. I find that the warm colours makes it feel as if they are very comfortable in the studio but the bright light may represent the fact that they have pressure on them to record good tracks. It shows the hardworking side to the band making them seem very deserving of the good times that they have along the way.
  5. In the instrumental/break section of the song we are given an idea of what the band do in their free time. They run out into the surf in time with the subtle singing of ‘run run run’ in the background. Again this is contributing to the aspirational lifestyle portrayed in this music video and shows that they believe that their target audience would surf or admire people who do as it is exciting and not something that everyone can do easily. The shots have bright lighting – outside very fresh looking.
  6. This shot is shown just after the surf shots and just as the whistling starts. It is very contrasting in look to the surf shots as it has a strong pink hue over it and an old camera effect with thing dark lines appearing down through the shot. This made me think that they were trying to achieve an effect which made you think of your childhood as you see a silhouette of someone swinging from a rope swing into the water. The pink/purple hue gives an idea of enjoyment, happy and contentment.
  7. This shot is at the same location as the first shot in this grid where it seems as though they are filming but the reason I chose this shot is to show the band member looking directly into the camera. They do this a lot throughout the music video and it makes the audience feel a friendly connection to the band as they look very playful and sometimes pull silly faces as in this shot. I think this shows a very admirable side to the band because it shows that they do not take themselves too seriously and I believe that their target audience would aspire to be the same.
  8. I particularly like this shot which is towards the end of the video as it demonstrates that it is quite a hectic life that they lead. You see one of the band members in the car putting on their shoes and then pulling himself out of the car. It gives the feeling of them travelling between venues where they may be performing and has very natural lighting.
  9. The final square of this shot grid is actually the last shot of the whole music video and it shows so clearly the passion that this band have for what they do. There are performance shots like this one interspersed throughout the whole of the music video and all of them have a strong colour hue over them. In this on it is green but it is the last of a montage of similar shots of different band members performing and their instruments and this montage goes through a range of colour hues including blue, pink, red and purple. This last shot is in slow motion to capture the passion behind what would probably be a very energetic performance and it also winds the pace of the video down to a close.

‘Don’t Go’ – Wretch 32 Music Video Analysis

I have chosen to analyse the music video of ‘Don’t Go’  by Wretch 32 ft Josh Kumra because I have been greatly inspired by aspects of it, even though it is a different genre to ‘Some Nights’ by FUN. I will look at the cinematography, editing, mise-en-scene and relation to the sound in order to get a better understanding of why this video works and what I can take away from it as inspiration for my own video.

The camera is almost always moving throughout the video whether it is zooming in to show detail or facial expressions, zooming out to reveal something such as the drawings on the wall, arcing round the artist to focus on him and his emotions or panning to show more of the surroundings. I definitely think that this is something that I need to consider when creating my video as it looks professional, adds interest and can hold meaning behind it. The first shot is of the light grey/ off-white wall and the camera is smooth but moves in a motion that makes me think it could have been hand held as it is not completely steady on one level as it tracks across to show a close up of Wretch 32. He then looks up to the left and the camera follows it up as if to see what he is looking at. We then see writing which has been written onto the wall in black saying, ‘Life is…’ and the way that the artist had looked up to this text creates the link between him and what it is saying. Is it what he believes or something that he has been made to accept. I have also acknowledged the fact that we were introduced to the artist almost straight away however he has not looked at the camera and the way that he was looking down and then up to the side at the part was almost in an avaoiding eye contact kind of way which intrigues the audience to want to know what is on his mind. To want him to let us in.

We instantly see a very limited colour palette at the start of the video which is pretty much sustained throughout. Everyone is wearing black or white which is a link to Wretch 32’s album name, ‘Black and White’. The first colour we see is the girl’s red hair and she is also the first to look directly into the camera. This makes us consider the relevance of this girl. Is she representing the person that the song is about? For my music video I need to make careful judgement of when the subject should look into the camera or not as it can make a big impact.

This girl is placed in front of and stays in this location for the whole music video while graphics are revealed on the wall behind her – a pair of wings which fit as though they are part of her because she is positioned in the centre of them. There are other shots like this in the video featuring different girls. One is holding an umbrella which is drawn on the wall and another is looking up at the rays of sunlight which are drawn. All the graphics are black on a white/grey wall again supporting the idea that life is black and white.

We then see a shot of wretch 32’s reflection water like a puddle we know this because we can see obvious ripples across the shot. This may be representing an unstableness unclearness of thought or direction. There are various shots of reflections and ripples in water throughout the music video one of which is rotated so that the line between the water and the air divides the shot vertically down the centre. I believe this backs up my previous point. A shift of gravity – rotation of camera – can be quite a powerful and attention grabbing feature in a music video. We also see a few shots of a young boy running with a flag. At first it is black and in the last shot it was white. The ripples in this flag are a direct link to the ripples in the puddle.